Thursday, November 11, 2010

World, meet room

How I manage to even enter into this room, I may never know... but this is pretty much the after math of a bundle of nights spent with procrastinating on homework, being a make up artist outside of my house for a day, going to school, going to work, and trying to find time in between to sleep with each day on an outfit crisis and trying out various outfits all in a single morning (will it be hot? or cold? Weather lately has been quite unpredictable). It was a busy week, indeed. Thank God this busy week is now coming to an end, but unfortunately this cycle starts all over again once with my life as a virtuoso... darn it!

Lol I don't know if you've noticed but one of each thing just won't cut it for me. I have three chairs and three desks. I totally wish I had two beds D: On a more serious note, I need to get over my life as a hoarder. Truth is, I'm a secret slob.


  1. HAHA me and you alike!!!!!!!!!!!!! my room is a total messs when I have all nighters with school work, going to work, babysitting, -___-'

  2. i'm so jealous that you have a mirror closet! the inside of your closet and your bags, accessories, etc reminds me of how mine was except i sold pretty much all of my closet! i literally have nothing to wear (good explanation for this: i'm gonna rebuild my wardrobe when i go study abroad! ;))

    lovin' the huge JUSEBOX on your wall!

    Seriously though when I was in high school i was a sorta neat freak while my bro who was in college, his room was a mess and i used think HOW COULD LIVE LIKE THAT! little did i know, once getting into college and working it's happened to me. lol!!

    sorry this is beginning to be a long comment :}

  3. I think my mirror closet is my favorite aspect of my room. :) But I hate it because my room is so limited to how I can arrange it because of all the superstitions I hear and don't want to experience.

    You're going to have so much fun in Japan! I want to go there when the time comes for it. When are you going?

    Life gets messy sometimes... we just have to fix it up, like our rooms. :)


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