Friday, November 5, 2010

Haul: Nov. 5 - clothing, accessories, and makeup and hair stuff

I've decided to start a new segment on my blog about my purchases for the week, of course items that are beauty-related. I haven't bought clothes in a while, but since the weather's starting to become chilly, I decided that it was time for new additions in my closet because I lack a lot of long-sleeved wear. 

(I'll probably number the items in future posts).

From a Craigslist post, I got a CHI straightener, finally. Now I don't have to damage my hair as much when I do curl it. I've been curling my hair with a cheap $20 straightener or my lovely Conair curlers.

From an online purchase I bought Skindinavia's no more shine spray to set my foundation. I just got it yesterday so I'll need a little time to further my opinion on it. Also included was a free sample-sized bottle of make up setting spray.

From Forever 21, I got a striped cardigan, and two pencil skirts. As well as two pairs of the same earrings just in different colors. I tend to do that when it comes to earrings that I absolutely adore and are absolutely affordable. Actually, I've got 5 more pairs of earrings that I had disoriented from its packaging and scattered all around my room.

From Target I bought the Herbal Essences tousle me softly hair cream. Hair products usually don't give me good results and it seems like all drugstore hair products are mediocre and do the same thing for the most part. I'm going to use this cream before I go to sleep and after I have shampooed hair for extra conditioning and to wake up with a bit tamed, yet messy looking hair. I also bought sponge wedges for foundation application.

And, from Claires I bought a wallet ($4) and accessories for $1 each.

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  1. hey! thanks for following :) are you mary's cousin? if not, lol disregard what i asked! anyway, looking forward to reading your posts :) cheers!


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