Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm currently in businesses law and needed something to fill up my stomach. I'm so not a coffee drinker. My iced coffee consists of a lot of half and half and five packets of sugar. Hahahaha.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

@ my local Starbucks

I'm currently attempting to study, but I can't because of noisy conditions that surround me. I prefer a quiet (and peaceful) milieu to study/think in, like at a library. Starbucks doesn't allow for that to happen with all its coffee grinding, frappachino blending, cashier ringing, and customers conversing or talking on their phone via bluetooth. I just came here because I couldn't find parking at school for the only class that I had today on the count of I woke up late. I can't help it if I was super comfortable slumbering with the a/c on. Apparently when I don't set it to turn off, I tend to sleep in . And so, I'm stuck with the burden of having to read through a chapter on my own rather than hearing a summarized and more enthusiastic version of it by my professor's lecture. Oh well. Since I can't study, I might as well write an arbitrary post on my daily whereabouts. Thank goodness for free wi-fi.

By the way, Neutrogena everything that's skin related breaks me out. Look at that ugly pimple on my forehead that was given to me after one use at its facial cleansers/scrubs. I look very sleepy, of which I am.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Comeback after comeback

I've always had a keen interest in blogging, yet never had motivational persistence to keep one. School is my current precedence of daily occurrences at the moment and with work in the picture, I often feel worn out, tired, and lazy.

Anyways, after going through many cameras to embellish a blog with photos, after purchasing my own domain and registering it to blogspot, and after comeback after comeback, here's attempt #5034950934553424664360099 to maintain this blog. I'm still the same old me, being absorbed in the same old things from beauty to fashion to photography, basically art in many of its forms.

Until later,
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