Thursday, September 23, 2010

@ my local Starbucks

I'm currently attempting to study, but I can't because of noisy conditions that surround me. I prefer a quiet (and peaceful) milieu to study/think in, like at a library. Starbucks doesn't allow for that to happen with all its coffee grinding, frappachino blending, cashier ringing, and customers conversing or talking on their phone via bluetooth. I just came here because I couldn't find parking at school for the only class that I had today on the count of I woke up late. I can't help it if I was super comfortable slumbering with the a/c on. Apparently when I don't set it to turn off, I tend to sleep in . And so, I'm stuck with the burden of having to read through a chapter on my own rather than hearing a summarized and more enthusiastic version of it by my professor's lecture. Oh well. Since I can't study, I might as well write an arbitrary post on my daily whereabouts. Thank goodness for free wi-fi.

By the way, Neutrogena everything that's skin related breaks me out. Look at that ugly pimple on my forehead that was given to me after one use at its facial cleansers/scrubs. I look very sleepy, of which I am.

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  1. I attempted to study at our local starbucks but due to many people out and about on a Friday, I had no such luck with finding a table. I agree with you on preferring quiet place with a/c. I'm in need of that right now, I'm in my room.


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