Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LOTD: Smokey eye using Stila products :)

Okay, the term "smokey eye" in my title is getting a bit over used and over rated which means it will soon be time to be a bit more creative when it comes to titles, lol.

I wanted to create a matte and more natural yet still dramatic kind of smokey eye using some of my never before seen make up (on my blog of course). The eyeshadows on this post and my previous Stila post conclude my Stila eyeshadow collection but I'm thinking of getting two more singles just to fill up my palette. 

My sister brought to my attention that I don't match with brown eyebrows, lol. But I was seriously too lazy to get up and grab my favorite Jordana eyeshadow in black just to fill in my eyebrows. It's fine though, brown eyebrows are better than no eyebrows. Btw do you see the progress I've made in 2-3 weeks. Not bad at all, but as you can see, my follicles are super, super, super, thin. :( I can't express that enough. 

Products used (refer to #s in above picture)
Foundation: MAC studio fix in NC44
Concealer: Kat Von D concealer in almond
Lips: #6
Eyeshadow base: Too Faced shadow insurance
Eyelashes: Stila multi effect mascara
Eyeliner: Stila smudge pot in black.
Blush and contour: I forgot to number it but I used the brown and pink color in my 6 color Stila palette.

#s 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

#s 4 and 5

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review: Stila talking palettes

Hi all, I hope that you're having a lovely year-end. I was up last night feeling bored and tired at home and while thinking of what to do. I decided to post a beauty blog. :) I attempted to swatch out some colors, but being that I didn't do it before I was unprepared and realized four swatches later that I had run out of fingers and didn't want to gather up a few cleaning utensils. I must say, that even without swatches, the photographs below are pretty true to color and true to swatch depending on whether or not you use a base (MAC paint pots are the best!). 

Next to MAC eyeshadows, I love Stila eyeshadows because they're quite pigmented and great for on the go type of looks since I can literally take these palettes to go. They're quite pricey at $40 a pop, but this stuff lasts forever and sometimes you can find them while on sale or discounted with some sort of reward card or coupon code. They're very pigmented, and the colors are very workable for an everyday use ranging from matte to shimmers in most palettes.

I remember my aunty having the Barbie themed palette about two years ago when we vacationed in Davao, Philippines. I fell in love with it too, particularly with purple because I find that purple eyeshadows are one of the easiest colors to use.

However, even though they're great at being on the go items, I do want to depot them and put them into a palette because I'm hardly ever the type to apply make up outside of my vanity (which is my whole room lol).

Price: 4/5 $40
Product: 5/5 Great colors, pigmented, easy to blend.
Packaging: 4/5 I'd rather its packaging be made out of plastic than paper, but tg it's got a magnetic closure.

 Starlet by night

 The complete classic look

 Purrfect eyes

 Smoky eye

Monday, December 20, 2010

LOTD: purrfect eyes + trolley ride

I am officially on vacation mode, kind of. After all, now that school is over I'm working full time... which sucks but I need the money. 

I don't know if you can tell much, but my eyebrows are growing. See how super thin they are, and how much it wouldn't matter if I plucked them or not. Up close, like 6 inches to my face it's pretty noticeable, but confrontation at that sort of level seldom ever happens. 

I am totally loving my lashes, because they complement my Asian eyes well. I'm sorry but I do not know what brand they are, but if you look through my previous posts, it was a 2-pack one in a haul with a few of my Missha falsies. 

I kind of forgot what I used, but it was my typical foundation routine with the use of one of Stila's talking palettes, "purrfect eyes." 

I didn't do a great job of showcasing the trolley ride in the pictures to come. But basically, it's what I think is to be the new annual tradition of my boyfriend's family - riding a trolley that takes us on a route around Ala Moana and down town, singing Christmas songs, greeting pedestrians, and spectating at the aurora of city lights that bring an inch of Christmas spirit into Hawaii. I sure do wish it snowed here, then it'd be perfect. Or if not, be at least cold to the point where we can see our breathe, giving me a legit enough reason to wear cute pea coats/trench coats. One day, one day... 

Dustin said the lights were pretty in the background (picture above).

My boyfriend looks awfully tired, and that was the exact reason he didn't want to camera whore with me on such a perfect and festive moment where we both planned job to wear red. Luckily I got him smiling in a decent picture. 

Gosh, my the fatness of my cheeks fluctuate on a monthly basis during that time of the month, and so do my arms. When it's time for my menstrual period, my arms are pretty stick thin an look a bit more toned. Haha. 

This would have been a nice picture if he didn't stick those darn middle fingers out. I didn't even want to smile after that. -_-

Saturday, December 11, 2010

LOTD: Wnw lust palette + reviews (Wnw, Revlon, Lucido-L)

Last week, Revlon had contacted me via email and wanted to give me some products, so I was like sure. When I received and opened the package, I instant knew I would love the more dramatic falsies (even though I haven't worn it yet). :) 

I've never tried Revlon's falsies, neither have I tried any brand of fake nails. I have yet to try on the fake nails once I give myself a manicure, so stay tuned for that post. 

Please excuse my ugly fingers :( Here I have applied Revlon's lash adhesive to the falsies they gave me. This is enough product to provide for a great application. It looks blue-ish when you put it on the falsies, but it dries clear... thin and clear. 

Today I bought a bunch of wnw products, two palettes, and five lipsticks in fact, and I wanted to test one of the palettes. After all, many are currently raving on them. I'm using the 6-color palette in lust. Most of its swatches have matte colors... which I find rather on the difficult side to blend :( or maybe it was because the brush I used to apply the purple was still damp from a cleaning... which explains why it's like that. :P Over all, it's a great and affordable ($4.99) palette found at your local drug store. Great color pay off. I think that Wnw has been stepping it up, ever since they came out with more pigmented nail polishes.  

So I tried Revlon's false eyelashes in 91168? (The less dramatic ones on picture above). On it's packaging it says "ultra lightweight" which I definitely agree on! I've never bought their falsies because I tend to go for the cheaper ones ($1 for the win!). I believe they cost $3.49, but they're really, really ultra lightweight so I might actually buy these. I've only seen them in certain drug stores... I think Walgreen's carries them. But what I loved best about these lashes is they're the perfect size for my eyes. ^_^

I went outside to eat dinner after putting on my make up (lol, I put make up when I get bored or have nothing else to do even though I have no destination to go to... people do it all the time!) and my grandma instantly noticed that my eyes appeared bigger. She complimented me on how she liked my make up, but really I think the cause of my bigger eyes were because of the falsies. I love these eyelashes, it's no wonder a lot of other bloggers love them too. I'm late when it comes to product wonders at times. 

Revlon falsies
Price: n/a (but I think they go for $3.49)
Product: 5/5 Ultra lightweight... an absolute love!
Packaging: 5/5

Wnw palette in lust
Price: 5/5 $4.99
Product: 5/5 Great color payoff.
Packaging: 4/5 because I think it could go without the make up applicators I never do use.

Now I'm going to review the Lucido-L hair curl lotion. It's always great to apply some sort of styling product to your hair before you curl it because a lot of times if you don't, your curls end up looking crisp. Always use a heat protectant though! It's supposed to create an "airy" (as its bottle says) curl, and it really does. I used Conair's 1" hair curler to curl my hair, scroll down for my results. The spray has a light scent that goes away in an instant. Keep in mind to set your curls with a hairspray because this product alone won't do that for you. I love Lucido-L hair products, I actually bought two other hair products (can't read them though... lol) when I went to Hong Kong and I had a great experience with them. Incidentally, I think Lucido-L is the female version of the popular male hair styling products under Gatsby... I THINK. 

Lucido-L hair curl lotion

Price: 5/5 $5.99
Product: 5/5 Smooth hair! Great!
Packaging: Along with the rest of the Samy hair care line, their packaging is colorful and eye-attracting.

(products not shown have been shown in previous posts) 

Products used
Foundation: MAC studio fix in NC44
Lips: Wnw matte lipstick in 915B
Eyeshadow base: UDPP and MAC paint pot in soft ocre
Eyelashes: Revlon falsies
Eyeliner: L'oreal lineur intense

(My cheekbones are highly defined, and a lot of times it seems like I've added contour to my face, but I didn't. :P I love exaggerating my cheeks by contouring it with Benefit's hoola bronzer, MAC blush in harmony, or MAC blush in blunt.)

Wnw palette in lust

Ardell brow liner in black
Jordana eye shadow in black

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

LOTD: just eyeliner

Today I tried to use another sampler pack from The All Natural Face. This time I tried their mineral foundation in toffee, and I have to say that I think I like it more than brandied peaches. This color seems to match my shade of brown more. Again, I primed it with Monistat's chafing relief powder - gel. 

My morning lotion is Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion with SPF 39 PA++. I love it because it's lightweight and doesn't make my face white or greasy. I hate that it's a little too runny for this sort of bottle (it has a hard exterior), but at least I know that when I'm running low on it, the product won't be a problem to get to. Many products tend to break me out, so I'm very happy when something I've splurged on has not gone to waste because this product hasn't broken me out at all. This was $30. I usually use this when I don't wear foundation since my foundation has some SPF in it, or when I use foundation that doesn't have SPF, so I usually use this lotion almost everyday. 

Products used
Primer: Monistat chafing relief powder - gel
Foundation: The All Natural Face mineral foundation in toffee
Lips: EOS lip balm in honeydew? (green)
Eyeliner: Loreal liquid eyeliner
Contour: Benefit hoola bronzer

Ardell brow liner in black
Jordana eye shadow in black

27 mo

We barely go on any adventures like we used to due to time conflicts with my schedule (like I'd rather just sleep in... lol). We try to eat out at least once a month where we actually dress up... a little.

This was yesterday (December 6, 2010), our 27 monthaversary and we ate at Bravo's. They have, I think, all you can eat garlic balls. They were delicious and we had three basket-fulls. However, they were missing something - cheese. Garlic cheese balls are the best!

Since this was my second time here, my first time having eaten pizza, I wanted to try fettucine alfredo WITH SHRIMP (my favorite Italian combination, ever). It was delicious. :) 

This is my second fave fettucine meal, next to CPK's. Then again, this is really my actual second tasted fettucine meal. XD I'm on a mission to try all of the fettucine alfredos WITH SHRIMP on this island. ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

LOTD: apricot

When I see that coral colored eyeshadow in it's packaging, I think of apricots... lol. 

A few months ago, I got a sampler pack for mineral foundation from The All Natural Face. So the first color that I tried, which is the foundation I have on right now, is "brandied peaches." I would say it's a pretty good match, though I could go a litttleee bit darker, just a little. Unless (hopefully) I come a litttleee bit lighter, which could happen. After all, my NC44 is too dark for me as the weather has become colder. I definitely like the coverage of this mineral foundation. It's the first time I've actually tried such a thing. It does a good job in concealing my dark circles too.

Before I put the mineral foundation on, I primed my face with Monistat's chafing relief powder - gel. 

My nose is super dry and it's peeling. D: That always happens during this time of the year.

Products used
Primer: Monistat chafing relief powder - gel
Foundation: The All Natural Face mineral foundation in brandied peaches
Lips: EOS lip balm in honeydew? (green)
Eyeshadow base: The All Natural Face oily lid shadow primer in dark buff
Eyelashes: Prestige lash matrix mascara
Eyeliner: Jordana fabuliner
Blush: MAC blush in desert rose
Contour: Benefit hoola bronzer

Wnw single eye shadow in cream
Wnw single eye shadow in penny
Prestige eye shadow in onyx

Ardell brow liner in black
Jordana eye shadow in black
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