Monday, December 20, 2010

LOTD: purrfect eyes + trolley ride

I am officially on vacation mode, kind of. After all, now that school is over I'm working full time... which sucks but I need the money. 

I don't know if you can tell much, but my eyebrows are growing. See how super thin they are, and how much it wouldn't matter if I plucked them or not. Up close, like 6 inches to my face it's pretty noticeable, but confrontation at that sort of level seldom ever happens. 

I am totally loving my lashes, because they complement my Asian eyes well. I'm sorry but I do not know what brand they are, but if you look through my previous posts, it was a 2-pack one in a haul with a few of my Missha falsies. 

I kind of forgot what I used, but it was my typical foundation routine with the use of one of Stila's talking palettes, "purrfect eyes." 

I didn't do a great job of showcasing the trolley ride in the pictures to come. But basically, it's what I think is to be the new annual tradition of my boyfriend's family - riding a trolley that takes us on a route around Ala Moana and down town, singing Christmas songs, greeting pedestrians, and spectating at the aurora of city lights that bring an inch of Christmas spirit into Hawaii. I sure do wish it snowed here, then it'd be perfect. Or if not, be at least cold to the point where we can see our breathe, giving me a legit enough reason to wear cute pea coats/trench coats. One day, one day... 

Dustin said the lights were pretty in the background (picture above).

My boyfriend looks awfully tired, and that was the exact reason he didn't want to camera whore with me on such a perfect and festive moment where we both planned job to wear red. Luckily I got him smiling in a decent picture. 

Gosh, my the fatness of my cheeks fluctuate on a monthly basis during that time of the month, and so do my arms. When it's time for my menstrual period, my arms are pretty stick thin an look a bit more toned. Haha. 

This would have been a nice picture if he didn't stick those darn middle fingers out. I didn't even want to smile after that. -_-

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