Wednesday, July 21, 2010

American Apparel nail polishes

These are the American Apparel nail polishes that I own as of now. Just looking at them, although already collecting dust, makes me want to have more of them, and not just more, I mean all of them.

NOTD: Tribal Nails

American Apparel - Mouse
China Glaze - For Audrey
Nail art pen

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stay Classy

A friend of mine and myself are attempting to start a fashion related business. Would you like to take part in the movement and buy a four inch vinyl sticker for $4 + paypal fee and shipping. In the mere future we'll be offering other customized things, but this is where it's at for now.

Leave me a comment or fill out the form to reserve your stickers

Please note: We're currently waiting to receive a batch of our stickers, so we won't be shipping it out until about two weeks from now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An ordinary day in Hawaii nei, at least for me.

Once work was over, I went home and got ready just to sit in traffic while we were Waikiki-bound.

I love my cute granny boots. Lol. Anyways...

Traffic was so slow I could take a picture without my camera moving. :(

We headed over to Health Bar to try one of their acai bowls since it's been a crave for me lately.

IT WAS TINY!!! Next time we're sooo going to have it "for here" instead of "to go." -_- So, we went.

To the mall! And ate blazin' steaks for dinner. :) Yum. After that we shopped for his birthday present :) and he helped me pick out two cute rings from Forever 21... and window shopped in some stores, then went to Wal-Mart because I needed a planner...

He said this picture was nice, even if I look weird... oh well.

Yup, an ordinary day for Justine, nay.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

NOTD: matte giraffe

I love the tiny glitters in this nail polish. :) Decided to do some cheetah like I've seen somewhere else circulating tumblr's dashboard.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beach bummin’

Circa June 26, 2010
This was my first and probably only beach visit this summer. However, I highly hope not. As much as I dislike getting dark, the fun in the sun is quite worth it, even if I’m not a great swimmer. We went to Kailua Beach for Davin’s birthday and Aunty Eileen and Uncle Jay’s 20th anniversary. Uncle Jay made “hella bomb” kalua pig that I can’t wait to feast upon once again. I hope that day comes soon.


Photoventures with Katheezy

Time and time again aside from our busy schedules, we’re able to take off with our fashionista side of us and explore the island around us. Sometimes we take too many pictures that it gets too overwhelming to select the few to upload onto the internet so it gets put on hold for a couple of months or so.

22 monthaversary

Usually people count the years and months, but for some reason we just count the months. I wonder how long that will last. The 6th of every month is our special day. :) We went to eat our favorite garlic cream fettucine at California Pizza Kitchen. We also shared a Ceasar Salad, my first ever since my bad experience at Ryan's excluding the ones from McDonald's. It was delicious, no doubt about that!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I miss photoshoots, truly.

Circa January 2010

Btw, this is my boyfriend Dustin. :)

"May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace"

One day me and my best friend attempted to save money and went to the park instead of the mall to paint. :) Then it got dark, and we decided to go to the mall and spent some money. Fail much?

1) Is there a way to blog more than just one photo at once from flickr's blog generator? I'm not much of an HTML inputter anymore.
2) I need to keep my flickr more up to date. It would totally aid in keeping this blog up to date (lol). The reason is because I'm at work for about half the time I'm awake during the day with only access to the internet. It would be great if I could plug in anything through it's USB but it seems as though it's busted up. We're waiting for new computers, so hopefully that will resolve my issue. Otherwise it's pure laziness.

Aj Rafael in Hawaii for HI-fap

My first legit photography gig ever! It was a great experience (not to mention having not really taken any pictures like this before - concert + low lighting). I’m glad it was for Hi-fap! More so, I’m glad it was for Aj Rafael, Jenny Suk, Jasmine Rafael, Michael Carreon, and Jeff Bernat.

(I’m sad that I didn’t get to take any pictures with them except for Aj Rafael).

View all of the pictures here:

Or view the slideshow here:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Collective makeup

I'm not so much of a make up fanatic, but I do have the basics which are in the picture except for my foundation which I haven't found the best one for me. I'm not really picky on whether or not they're high end products, I'm more into whether they work for me or not.

So now I'll list my 5 daily must haves!

1) Loreal liquid intense eyeliner - Due to my oily, single-lidded eye lids, it's hard to find a product that stays. It doesn't smudge at all, after it dries. It's a little tricky to put because of my eyes, that I have to be sure to not blink until it dries. I actually found this product from numerous beauty reviews on youtube and I just have to say that this one's a keeper.

2) Mac's blush in peachy keen. I'm pretty tan... and this mac blush is just awesome. I'm sure many other people have it. :)

3) Revlon's colorstay eyeliner. I use it for my bottom eyelid and it's pretty intense with good staying power. It isn't great, but it has potential.

4) MUFE eyebrow corrector. I'm not sure if this would work for making your eyebrows look natural, but they sure do work for making my eyebrows look like they're tattooed, which is the look I go for... I mean, it matches me... lol.

5) Loreal voluminous mascara. I love this one better than Covergirl's lashblast because lashblast for some reason makes my eyes sore by the end of the day. Perhaps the product melts into my eyes? I don't know. But this mascara is great paired off with a good eyelash curler to give you some semi-dramatic eyelashes.

NOTD: Cupcakin'

This is my attempt for a cupcake themed nail do. Emphasis on attempt because I tried to do this while looking up at my TV to watch Pretty Little Liars. It was cute, but I wasn't satisfied with the outcome so I simply took some nail polish remover and removed it. On the bright side, I'm better on getting less nail polish on my cuticles. :)
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