Sunday, December 5, 2010

My no-eyebrows

I've had thin and scare eyebrows since forever due to genetics. When I first started applying make up, it would just be filling in my eye brows, and I believe that started in the ending of the 8th grade. While I'm still waiting for some miracle growth eyebrows for people with naturally thin eyebrows, I'm full of gratitude for having make up that helps me simulate the appearance of eyebrows. Most of the time I draw my eyebrows as if they're tattooed on, mainly because I have a heavy hand and am kind of too impatient to do light and quick strokes to make my eyebrows appear more "natural." Needless to say, unlike others I can pull off the tattooed eyebrow look... imo. 

However, I've been getting lazy to draw them in... so some days I don't wear my eyebrows (lol). I'm going to attempt to grow my eyebrows because as you can see I have over-plucked my left eyebrow and it's been that way for quite a while now. I've been filling it (or more like literally drawing them in) to make them even. And as they're growing, I plan on filling them in a little bit more lightly and naturally. Hopefully I don't give up... D: Below is how natural I plan to draw my eyebrows in. 

Maybe if I feel like taking a walk through memory lane and if I can even find my way to that walk, I'll show you some pictures of what I looked like prior filling them in. 

These are my bare, thin, light, sparse, non, you name it, eyebrows.

First I take my wnw eyebrow pencil in charcoal and lightly draw in a shape. Using this eyebrow pencil creates a textured surface for the powder to stick on because this pencil seems to be made out of wax or a wax-like product. 

Then taking my lovely MAC 266, in light and quick strokes I use Jordana's eye shadow in black to fill them in, and voila... eyebrows! :)

Also... I have horrible dark circles! Well, not as bad as others... but... um, yeah! What are some eye creams you recommend dark circles?

1. Jordana eye shadow in black $0.99
2. Wnw eye brow pencil in charcoal $0.99
3. MAC 266 $19.50

And here is my most recent picture of my tattooed looking eyebrows. I look super hashed because I was up all day since 7:00am and as you can see it's super dark outside. I will show you a picture later on my more natural eyebrows when I take one that's outdoors. 

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  1. I use the Wet 'n' Wild eyebrow pencil too! I already have dark eyebrows, but I find just making my arches more defined and filling in "lighter" spots with it does just fine.

    And you pull of the "tattooed" eyebrow look well. I know a couple of people who have tattooed eyebrows and only one of them pulls it off well.


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