Friday, December 3, 2010

LOTD: Unfulfilled look...

I say it's an unfulfilled look because I voluminous lashes seems to complete a look/face imo. Unfortunately, lacking thickness and quantity of hair follicles, I can't depend on a lash curler to achieve a desired look. This was just a quick do because I wanted to practice on using loose pigments. While I was finishing, it was time to feast upon dinner for my grandpa's 75th birthday. 

I am loving my Nikon D40. Lol it's been the camera I've been using for majority of the pictures on my blog. Both of the above pictures are unedited... superb, isn't it? Incidentally, I bought it off Craig's where someone ripped me off on the actuations, but tg it's been good to me (after finding out that its actuations were close to its supposed shutter life... omg!)

Products used
Foundation: Revlon color stay foundation in Toast, set with MAC studio fix powder (idk the color)
Lips: Burt's bees lip balm in pomegranate
Eyeshadow base: Paula Dorf eye primer in deep and The Balm cream eyeshadow
Eyeliner: Loreal liquid liner
Contour: Benefit's hoola bronzer <333

MAC loose pigment in naked
A random eye shadow from the Philippines in brown (will show you in a later post)
MAC eye shadow in mystery
(I didn't apply a highlight color)

MAC eye brow pencil in velvetone
Jordana eye shadow in black

Btw, I need to get me a new shade of Revlon's foundation. In pictures it may look like the perfect color match, but when in rl it looks about 2 shades darker from my neck? Weird!

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