Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review: Stila talking palettes

Hi all, I hope that you're having a lovely year-end. I was up last night feeling bored and tired at home and while thinking of what to do. I decided to post a beauty blog. :) I attempted to swatch out some colors, but being that I didn't do it before I was unprepared and realized four swatches later that I had run out of fingers and didn't want to gather up a few cleaning utensils. I must say, that even without swatches, the photographs below are pretty true to color and true to swatch depending on whether or not you use a base (MAC paint pots are the best!). 

Next to MAC eyeshadows, I love Stila eyeshadows because they're quite pigmented and great for on the go type of looks since I can literally take these palettes to go. They're quite pricey at $40 a pop, but this stuff lasts forever and sometimes you can find them while on sale or discounted with some sort of reward card or coupon code. They're very pigmented, and the colors are very workable for an everyday use ranging from matte to shimmers in most palettes.

I remember my aunty having the Barbie themed palette about two years ago when we vacationed in Davao, Philippines. I fell in love with it too, particularly with purple because I find that purple eyeshadows are one of the easiest colors to use.

However, even though they're great at being on the go items, I do want to depot them and put them into a palette because I'm hardly ever the type to apply make up outside of my vanity (which is my whole room lol).

Price: 4/5 $40
Product: 5/5 Great colors, pigmented, easy to blend.
Packaging: 4/5 I'd rather its packaging be made out of plastic than paper, but tg it's got a magnetic closure.

 Starlet by night

 The complete classic look

 Purrfect eyes

 Smoky eye

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