Thursday, July 1, 2010

Collective makeup

I'm not so much of a make up fanatic, but I do have the basics which are in the picture except for my foundation which I haven't found the best one for me. I'm not really picky on whether or not they're high end products, I'm more into whether they work for me or not.

So now I'll list my 5 daily must haves!

1) Loreal liquid intense eyeliner - Due to my oily, single-lidded eye lids, it's hard to find a product that stays. It doesn't smudge at all, after it dries. It's a little tricky to put because of my eyes, that I have to be sure to not blink until it dries. I actually found this product from numerous beauty reviews on youtube and I just have to say that this one's a keeper.

2) Mac's blush in peachy keen. I'm pretty tan... and this mac blush is just awesome. I'm sure many other people have it. :)

3) Revlon's colorstay eyeliner. I use it for my bottom eyelid and it's pretty intense with good staying power. It isn't great, but it has potential.

4) MUFE eyebrow corrector. I'm not sure if this would work for making your eyebrows look natural, but they sure do work for making my eyebrows look like they're tattooed, which is the look I go for... I mean, it matches me... lol.

5) Loreal voluminous mascara. I love this one better than Covergirl's lashblast because lashblast for some reason makes my eyes sore by the end of the day. Perhaps the product melts into my eyes? I don't know. But this mascara is great paired off with a good eyelash curler to give you some semi-dramatic eyelashes.

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