Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend recap

11/25/10 - Thanksgiving: It's become a yearly tradition that we spend Thanksgiving dinner at my aunty's (dad's side) house because a few days later is also my cousin's birthday. She's lucky because she gets to celebrate her birthday every year, and with family too. :) It was the first time we had a lechon pig for such a festivity. Needless to say, I didn't eat it... nor do I eat much of any other Filipino delicacies because I'm such a picky eater.

Prior to dinner, I had gone with my boyfriend's family for a lunch at Aunty Palang's house that was uncalled for. I had just gone to his house in the morning then the next thing I knew was Dustin's mom telling me we're all leaving in 15 minutes. I had no time this whole day to style my hair... so I left it down and as you can see my hair is super flat... and I hate it like that. 

Lol I swear Derby has specific angles that he's photogenic in. Also, my face seems to have the ability to bloat up. Aside from my stomach that bloats when I'm full, my face does it too... -_-

11/26/10 - Black Friday: I camped out with Aunty Eileen at Target. Unfortunately I didn't get what I wanted... so all I got was a jacket and a DVD while Aunty Eileen got all that she wanted. Lol. After that I went to Ala Moana with Dustin and didn't buy anything at all. Either the lines to the cashiers were too long or the items that I wanted didn't have my size. Bummer... -_-

11/27/10 - Saturday: Since I had been up for, I believe it was 36 hours, I slept in. I felt lethargic so I didn't go to work. Instead, for some reason, I had the energy to want to rearrange my room and so I did that for the rest of the afternoon that I got. Do you ever have days where you wake up and decide it's time for change? It happens a lot for me, most of the time dealing with home improvements. I relocated my infamous jusebox sign, and rearranged a few pieces of furniture. I'm not done though because I ended up tagging along with my family to Waikele where my dad bought me some pieces of apparel for the first time in a long time.  I was super thankful for that... :)

Also, see my nail art sampler? I finally decided to trash it because it was so bulky to put anywhere. But of course, I had to capture a photograph of it to keep as a memoir.

11/28/10 - Sunday: Just an ordinary day... with time allotted to update my blog. I hope that you all had a great four-day weekend!


  1. i totally know what you mean about waking up and just feeling that you want to rearrange your whole room because it's time for a change. i feel like that at least 3 times a week! but it sucks because my room is small that there's only so much you can do :P

    i do however (monthly) like to turn my room upside down re-organize and end up with 3 large trash bags full of junk. it's amazing how it always amounts to 3 garbage bags every month O_O

  2. change is constant :P I too feel the need to change things around a bit (in my room) I wish we had Ikea here! So many cool things that I want T___T meeep... anyways, still re-arranging things? Can't wait to see the whole thing :)

  3. Is that your mum in the first photo? :)
    That's exactly how I feel. My room gives me such a headache because it's so small and cluttered.
    I alwaystry to clean out and reorganize but it always feels the same regardless how much stuff I take out.
    So I'm just so used to it I think it's my freakin' furniture that takes up all the space.
    Ahh I can't wait to paint my wall and have wooden floors. D:

  4. haha I love how your family had lechon on thanksgiving. that's how you do it.

  5. Juvy... yeah I hate how there's such a little bit of options to rearrange my room. Not to add, even if I don't know if I believe in feng shui, I don't want to risk it so that limits the way I arrange things too.

    Ericka... haha I can't wait either. I have yet to finish it. I need more drawers and organizing furniture. D:

    Norelei... Yeah that's my mom :) My room gives me a headache when it's a mess. Like I can't sleep at night just thinking about it. Is that weird? LOL. I want to put wallpaper on my walls, just like in Forever 21 ^^

    Aimee... thanks! Hahaha, but really it was for my cousin's birthday. :P


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