Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've been constantly trying to re-arrange my page for better viewing pleasure, but now I need to know your opinion on my page?

Does my page take too long to load due to the size of my pictures? I tend to like the size of them because of my big 20" computer screen... or is there any other reason my page might take too long to load?

Do I have too many widgets on my side bar? I find my label widget becoming lengthier and lengthier as well as constantly adding more widgets. This past week I've added a chat box, search bar, bloglovin. XD

Background music:
Do you mind my background music automatically playing? Or should I edit my music code to show a music player where you can pause and play songs? Actually, I think I'll do so regardless... soon.

Any other concerns? I like to keep my interface quite simple and eye friendly. I hope that I've done so far.

Anyways, please feel free to leave a comment or say hi with a follow back link, I'm in need to update my blogger dashboard.

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