Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's in your make up bag?

I was at work today and decided, instead of putting on make up, why don't I blog about what I have in my make up bag? This is pretty much what I carry in my make up bag on a daily basis, obviously more than needed because I tend to keep stuffing things in, even if they're in there already, but you know what they say "better safe than sorry." On the bright side, they're not heavy, like carrying around an extra textbook around school. Incidentally, these are some of my favorite make up products EVER. I tend to gear away from high-end cosmetics because they're pricey and so if I drop, break, or lose them while I'm on a go, I won't be too much at a lost although I do carry around some of them. 

Well, I hope you enjoy. Please do share what's in your current make up bag as well. :)

By the way, I'm decided to keep my pictures at this size (width at 640 pixels). I'll have to edit my html coding for my blog to better your experience on this site. Simply click on the picture (because they're currently cut off, I believe). I changed my layout, it's still simple (just the way I like it).

1. Make up bag - LeSportsac
I just took this from my mom. I think LeSportsac bags are too pricey for my price range, but their designs are always eye catching and flattering.

2. Eyelash curler - Earth Therapeutics
This is a decent eyelash curler, but I do want to try out Shiseido’s eyelash curler soon.

3. Concealer - MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 in NC42
I actually use this concealer to highlight my brow bone and to fix up my eyebrows on the bottom since it has quite thick consistency. I would also use this under my eye bags prior to putting on foundation. 

4. Lip butter - Korres in pomegranate
I love this! It adds the perfect touch of pink on my lips and moisturizers well. What I hate about this product is when I’m on the go and I have to put my finger in and its size gets in the way. Otherwise I just use a lip brush.

5. Bobby pins
These are just a must. I never know when my bangs are going to get in the way whether it’s because of the wind in the car or from having to look down at a book or write notes for school.

6. Mirror - Sephora (with gift card purchase)
I love this mirror for its slimness and when you open it, you get a great sized mirror. Great for on the go make up application. 

7. Tweezer - La Cross
8. Tweezer - Elf Professional
9. Tweezer - Earth Therapeutics
Sometimes when I pluck eyebrows I get tired of just using one, and so from time to time during the process I alternate tweezers. I don’t really have a favorite but these all get the job done. I do want to try the tweezers from tweezerman though.

10. Angled liner brush - Salon Collection (Walgreens)
11. Angled liner brush - MAC 266
12. Angled liner brush - Sephora 
I didn’t realize I have so many angled brushes in my make up bag, I use them all for applying my eyebrows. My favorite would have to be MAC 266. Sometimes I use the Sephora one for gel liner since it’s super thin.

13. Bent liner brush - Sonia Kashuk
I use this to apply gel liner and it’s fantastic!

14. Concealer brush - fake MAC 194
I just use whatever concealer brush I have to apply concealer to my brow bone and to correct my eyebrows. I actually got a fake MAC brush set from my Aunty who didn’t know anything about genuine MAC products, but it’s okay, I use the contour brush for contour and it’s great as well. The others just suck. 

15. Brow pencil - WNW in charcoal
16. Brow pencil - MAC eye brows crayon in velvetone
I apply this brow product containing wax onto my eyebrows before finishing it off with eyebrow powder to make it last longer. 

17. Eyeliner pencil - Prestige total intensity eyeliner in deepest black
This eyeliner is great for my waterline because it applies smoothly and easily. However, not many eyeliner products stay on my waterline for some reason and neither does this one. 

18. Eyeliner pencil - Revlon colorstay eyeliner in black
This eyeliner seems to last the longest on my waterline. The color is quite intense too so I like it for dramatic purposes. 

19. Eyeliner pen - Jordana fabuliner in black
This is actually my sisters. It’s a great eyeliner pen, the first one I’ve tried and I really, really like it. I hope I can get my hands on one soon. 

20. Liquid eyeliner - Loreal lineur intense in black
Great liquid eyeliner for my oily lids, it stays put all day. 

21. Mascara - Maybelline falsies in black
This is one of the best drugstore mascaras I’ve tried because it actually holds my curl up as well as adding length and a bit of volume. Love!

22. Lip moisturizer - Olay Henriksen fresh lips
Total waste of $15 because it feels exactly like Carmex, but I still use so my money doesn’t go to waste. 

23. Gel eyeliner - Smashbox gel liner in black
This is the best gel liner I’ve tried so far that doesn’t smudge or come off with my oily lids. It sets pretty fast too. 

24. Brow corrector - Make Up Forever eyebrow corrector in dark brown 
I hardly use this because it calls for a perfect application since it’s of liquid consistency. It really creates a pencil-like eyebrow look for me. Then again, all of my eyebrow looks look pencil-like. 

25. Eyeshadow (used for eyebrows) - Jordana e/s in black
Self-explanatory. Cheap so I love it. 

26. Lip balm - Blistex Lip Tone
This adds a bit of a pink color to my lips. I don’t like the taste though. :( 

27. Lip balm - softlips beeswax
This is similar to Burt’s Bees, except it’s consistency is thinner but with the same minty sensation. I like this one more than Burt’s Bees because I have a habit of puckering up my lips and it gives me a better feel when I pucker up. 

28. Oil blotters - Clean & Clear oil control film


  1. I've been wanting to try the Maybelline falsies but I'm still on the covergirl LB cult lol.
    Clean&Clear oil sheets is a must for me!
    I've been wanting to try that Revlon colorstay EL pencil. I wanted to try filling in the waterlines to see if it makes a difference. BTW how do you remove the makeup
    on the waterline? That's what's probably holding me back from trying hah

  2. I just use makeup remover, the one from Target. XD with a cotton pad.


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