Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Film never fails to amuse me

It really doesn't. It brings the whore out of me... camera whore that is, and even though majority of the time camera whoring does happen where the camera's main focus is me, it's totally fine because it doesn't burn anyone else's wallet except mine.

It takes me less than a day to consume a roll of film and 1-2 months to go to the photo center and develop it. I've thought of having my own dark room at home one too many times but never fail to argue against myself with wanting one. 1) I don't have enough room, and 2) I can't keep the chemicals at a constant temperature because of electricity costs. It's just not worth it. Then there's another option of caffeine + vitamin C to develop my own film, but I don't trust my ignorance. For the record, I do have knowledge of what it's like to be in the dark room from my experience in high school. I truly, madly, and deeply long to be in a college photography class but I'm cut short on time especially with the photography class times available at my campus, they're sort of absurd and just uncool.

Anyways, enjoy some of the shots I've taken with my action sampler and diane mini, both of which are lomography cameras. Dslrs are becoming scene and I wanted to try out some film. This experience made me fall in love once again and now I'm longing for a Canon A-1. I shall meet with it in time, trust me.






R1- 2A

R1- 3A

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  1. Gotta love filmed photos. They really have the true nostalgia feel to them.


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