Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LOTD: the all natural face cosmetics

Products used
Foundation: MAC studio fix powder foundation in idk-what-color (because the sticker came out).
Lips: Body & Soul lip glow in destiny
Eyeshadow base: The All Natural Face oily lid primer in buff
Eyelashes: Maybelline falsies in black
Eyeliner: Maybelline gel liner in black

The all natural face e/s: true gold for inner corner applied with MAC 219
The all natural face e/s: blue ice storm for outer corner applied with Prestige e/s brush
The all natural face e/s: midnight black to define outer color with MAC 219 and blended out with MAC 217
Sephora e/s in black appled with MAC 219 and blended out with MAC 217
Body & Soul e/s in golden nugget for highlight applied with MAC 213

NYC eyebrow pencil in brown
Jordana e/s in black

Today I received a package of some eye shadow primers that I wanted to try out from the all natural face. Included in my package were samples of three mineral eye shadows that I figured I would try out. Boy did I hate trying to get product with my brush from the bottom of the bag, it was such a mess. 

The primer seems great but the eye shadows I do not like. The blue seems to be more like silver, and the gold didn't appear. I couldn't blend the black all that great so I ended up using my own eye shadow from Sephora. 

1 comment:

  1. You look just natural as if you applied nothing, well except for the eye shadow which I can barely see. But using natural cosmetics really suites you.


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