Monday, October 25, 2010

NOTD: Keroppi + Review: Beauty Secrets base coat and top coat

Before getting to my story, note that I have a history of having butterfingers. Shocking, right? For a person who seems to have a steady hand when a steady hand is needed. Hm, I guess I've got self-control when I set my mind into it.

Prior to painting my nails, I had dropped a tin box full of generic nail polishes... and when I say generic, I mean generic. One of the nail polishes, out of the many that dropped onto the floor, managed to break and on the worst way possible. The bottle had broke and its contents dripped all over some shelves as well as the floor. I had to act quickly as to grab some acetone and cotton pads to remove it from hardening where it shouldn't be. After that, I lost my mood to paint my nails, but I did because I had already brought my needed items out. 

Also, I wanted to review the Beauty Secrets top coat and base coat. These actually belong to my sister.

Products used (from left to right) 
Beauty Secrets top coat
Beauty Secrets base coat
China Glaze n/p in white on white
Sinful n/p in innocent
Jordana n/p in holiday red

Review: Both of these products are from Sally's Beauty Supply and they hold decent drugstore quality. They're just decent, not the best. It has already been past 30 minutes and my nails hasn't dried after putting on dry coat, I tested by touching one of Keroppi's faces and now it has my finger mark. I like the base coat more. I can't tell you the outcome of it just yet, we'll have to see how I like it in a few days. I'm new to the whole use of primers in all forms (face, eyes, and nails) so I'm testing out products to see what I like best.

China Glaze n/p in white on white

Sinful n/p in innocent - my favorite drugstore nail polish line next to Sally Hansen. Majority of drugstore nail polishes tend to run sheer, but not this one or Sally Hansen. They're both well pigmented and I usually only use two coats to get a vibrant color payoff. 
Jordana n/p in holiday red - I think that Jordana has to be one of those underrated products out there. I barely ever see reviews or blog posts about them, but Jordana was one of the first drugstore brands that was introduced to me. My grandmas loved using Jordana nail polishes because it was cheap, and came in their favorite color, red. I have a bunch of Jordana nail polishes and I love them.

 A coat of base coat.

 Two coats of white nail polish.

 This is my unoutlined keroppi.

 It's amazing what a solid line can do.

 Here's my finished product, until my pinky got stuck in my charger's wire.

 Instead of painting it again, I decided to just randomly paint it green.

 I left the other one blank because I can't draw on my right hand for sheez.

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