Monday, May 16, 2011

Swatches: MAC paint pots | HAUL: MAC paint pot and eyeshadow pans

The latest additions to my MAC collection are: paint pot in bare study and eyeshadow pans in carbon and dazzle lights. It's taken me forever to invest in the best affordable and pigmented black eyeshadow (carbon), yet still considering it too expensive for my budget... just because I'll eventually want all of the eyeshadows! I've managed to get by using NYX's eyeshadow in black, but I wanted to try out something new and test out the intensity of the pigmentation.

This is my first swatch for make-up products, particularly eye products and I found out that it's pretty messy. I also I have to find the perfect spot on my body to swatch colors. Maybe I'll try my (skinny) arm next. As you can see my nasty looking wrist. I don't know why but it's just that way... ok, tmi.

Since I have oily eye lids, I first prime my eyes with UDPP or TFSI, then I put a paint pot over it to make my eyeshadows pop out and look better. ^_^

MAC paint pots:
Top: bare study, soft ocre, painterly, 
Bottom: vintage selection (limited edition), quite natural, constructivist

I usually use quite natural as a base for my eyebrows then top it off with black eyeshadow powder. 

Here are the paint pots swatched upon my NC44 skin. 

And then I topped it off with MAC eyeshadow in dazzlelights. Love love love this color already even though I haven't used it. I think it looks the best on bare study and soft ocre. :)

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