Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: Maybelline's lash stiletto voluptuous

I've got typical straight and stubborn Asian eyelashes so it's hard for me to find a working mascara within my budget. I used to use Cover Girl's lash blast mascara for years until I stumbled upon Maybelline's falsies (a few posts ago I had lost it, replaced it, and now I found it). It would give me thick eyelashes but it wouldn't hold the curl for me, it also would somehow be a messy and time consuming application for me. However, it worked out after waiting a few minutes for it to dry, then curling my lashes... but that's just such a hassle. With Maybelline's falsies, it held the curl and gave me a little bit of length as well as volume. I feel the same way about Maybelline's lash stiletto voluptuous. There's actually one without the "voluptuous" that I haven't tried. And, I actually like the brush better because I seem to be able to control it more. I guess until something new that works comes up, Maybelline's falsies and lash stiletto mascarsas will be staples in my make up bag. 

Bare eyelashes.

Curled eyelashes.

Applied two coats of mascara. 


  1. Your lashes looks longer and thicker. This mascara is amazing. It's currently 50% off at CVS right now :)

  2. There has been a lot of buzz of this lately. It looks amazing on many gals, I think I shall try it out!


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