Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Current want-to-do's for the summer

I've never made a list of things to do and paid enough attention to it to actually do it. I usually forget about it.

So without further ado, I want to:
(btw, I know this year won't be too adventurous because of summer school and a full-time job.)
  • Own 10 China Glaze nail polishes ^^
  • Have 9 photoshoots and have them framed upon my wall
  • Work 8 hours a day in July??? Not really a goal. Lol.
  • Have 7 new rings for my ring collection.
  • Sew 6 dresses or articles of clothing.
  • Eat out 5 times, different meals at different places.
  • Cook/bake 4 different foods.
  • Watch 3 movies at the theatres. Eclipse is a must!
  • Go to the beach 2 times, even if I don't get to swim I'm fine.
  • See all of my friends at least 1 time this summer all at the same time.
Let the good times roll. :P

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